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How To Start Investing Today With The Money You Spend Now

Many people enter the job market immediately after school and immediately jump into the foot of life. Money comes from a job, so it goes directly to responsibility, food, fun … all the necessities and pleasures of life.

This is often called getting stuck in a “rat race”.

Every month is the same thing … money comes, money comes out. Once stuck, it is very difficult to get out. But not impossible.

Now, the money you earn in your job depends on your ability to perform an activity or function and the amount of time spent on that activity or function.

It’s about exchanging time for money using a learned skill. But this can’t go on forever, can it? What happens when you get too old to perform the same tasks required for a job?

Unfortunately, for some people it goes on for a long time. And when people who don’t invest in things that will bring income whether they work or not can longer work, they have nothing to help them live comfortably as they are today.

Until most people undertake a professional job that offers good benefits, money is rarely invested.

Money is made and spent as fast as it is made, giving a person the necessities and comforts of life at that time – and then some, but not allowing much for a prosperous future once work income stops.

Everyone at some point in their lives faces the reality that a job won’t give them everything they want or need in life, especially life after retirement age. Investing is something that is best understood at the beginning of life.

To understand how important it is to invest, you must first understand what investment is. An investment is a method of making money with a one-off effort.

Sometimes this effort can be intense and time-consuming, but it can provide income for many years to come without having to make the same effort or time.

If you do a lot of research to buy a home for investment, you only have to do that research once. Once you purchase an investment, it will make money for you with minimal effort.

If you write a book and put it on a website to sell it, you only have to write a book once and it will make money as long as it is active on the website or in a book store.

If you are looking for corporate stock and find a perfect one, by investing some money in it, the money starts doing work and making money without you having to do anything.

These are just simple investment examples that require some effort. The point is, making money from investments is much easier than making money in a job if you know what you are doing.

A huge difference between an investment and a job is the amount of time and effort someone has to make money. The interesting thing about investing in the stock market is that you only have to learn to do it once, keep repeating what you have learned and let every rupee you invest the rest of the work for yourself, so you can enjoy life as expected.

Of course there is a huge problem that everyone faces before they can invest. Where do you get the money to use to make money? When you live life in a “race of mice”, in the end, you find yourself in an impossible circle from which it is very difficult to get out.

Do not worry!

You have money … you just don’t know yet!

There are ways to make some changes in your life to start building “investment capital”, regardless of the type of investment you are looking to start. It will be slow at first, but it will surely turn into something you don’t think possible.

One way to accumulate investment capital quickly is to open a “rounded” savings account. This type of capital-growing account helps you save and build money based on your daily purchases.

Attach your bank accounts or credit cards for which you spend money to your Round-Up account and for each purchase made, this account is rounded to the nearest rupees and to the deposits that rounded the cash in an investment platform that allows your savings to grow faster.

There’s not much work, is there? This particular investment account does the rest.

For example, if you spent Rs.89.00 on something, round it up to Rs 100.00. The rounding, or Rs 11.00, is placed in your account, which is split across several stocks based on your account settings.

If you make 50 purchases from your checking account in a month with an average of Rs 15.00 on rounding, you will save Rs.450 in that month. They are Rs 5400.00 a year saved only by rounding off these purchases.

The money invested in this rounding account goes up and down with the movement of the stock market. With a 10% gain in a year, it will increase by Rs.540 more. And some securities in which your money is invested earn dividends that are automatically reinvested in your account.

It doesn’t sound like much, but over time it will continue to grow. This is an investment in itself and can grow fast enough if you add it constantly. If you have extra money that you want to save during a month, you can also make deposits to apply it to your account to grow your account even faster.

A rounded savings account is simply a stepping stone to take you to a higher level of investment, which can be equity trading, options trading, a retirement investment account, real estate, or anything else you can invest that money in. to earn more money.

Once you have accumulated good investment capital in your Round-Up account, you can withdraw it whenever you want and use it to buy assets (things that make you earn money – unlike liabilities) or to invest in stocks to earn even more money over time.

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