Project Marketing

For real estate and property developers, Property Genius provides end-to-end real estate project marketing solutions. Right from selling the new projects on a mandate basis from the concept stage to managing the entire process of marketing & sales, Project marketing services cover everything. Our project marketing involves real estate marketing or residential as well as commercial properties.

The whole process is as follows:​

Planning the Project

You will find that Property Genius will bring extensive experience to your project. Our involvement in the design and feasibility stage will be highly beneficial for.

1. Site selection and assessment.
2. Establishing design criteria and product mix.
3. Market input and pricing.
4. Marketing budgets.
5. Development feasibility.

Planning the Marketing

Successful marketing is best built-in at the design stage. The product needs to be right for marketing to work. Property Genius will work with you to:

1. Determine target markets.
2. Establish successful selling strategies.
3. Design effective presentation materials.
4. Plan advertising programmes.
5. Manage the selling process until completion.
6. Provide add-on buyer services, property management
finance, accounting and legal.


We still believe in the skill of the salesperson to close the deal. But we also use the most modern methods. Ours is an organized Planned and considered approach to marketing. This includes:

1. Implementing local & overseas sales strategies.
2. Using the latest online marketing techniques.
3. Local & international property exhibitions.
4. Implementing off-plan selling procedures.
5. Database marketing systems.
6. Monitoring sales progress with a developer.
7. Reporting to the review board.